Clearing the Mind Clutter

It came as no surprise to me to find that by putting the words ‘mind’ and ‘clutter’ together I ended up with ‘mutter’. It’s what my brain seems to do during the whole time I’m awake, making it really difficult to think clearly. This often has knock-on effects to my speech, vocabulary and actions. (That’s something I’ll be discussing more about in later blogs).

To that end, I recently decided to commit to a course of Mindfulness Meditations, based on this book – Mindfulness; Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Dr Danny Penman and Professor Mark Williams.


Fuzzybumble has landed!

Hello, and welcome to my Fuzzybumble blog! Fuzzy – the state of my brain the majority of the time; bumble – I love busy bees 🙂 I’m hoping to use this space to share my curiosity and interest in a whole raft of subjects. I hope you’ll join me x